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About Me

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I’m an accredited qualified hypnotherapist that can tailor therapy to suit your needs. I am based in Pontefract and have work with clients from in and around West Yorkshire area. Clients come from all walks of life with difficulties or issues that are limiting and preventing them from living the life they wish. With my help this can happen quickly and easily.

Jayne Giles 'Dip Hyp CS'

Means I have a deep understanding of how your behaviour, body and mind work together and how difficult it can be to make changes without help. From my own experience and people I have seen, hypnotherapy can really help with many troublesome issues. Admitting you have a problem or thinking that you may need a to see a hypnotherapist is a massive decision that you have made, so the fact that you have started to look into hypnotherapy is a great first step.

All therapy is carried out in complete confidence and this treatment is something you must want to do for yourself and not because someone has sent you.

For those individuals that find life suddenly becomes frighteningly out of control, fears and phobias appear for no apparent reason, or everything you once held precious appears to have no value; the treatment I offer and believe in, is to treat the root of the cause rather than the symptoms.

I offer a free half hour initial consultation with no obligation to book a session afterwards. So come along and decide if hypnotherapy is for you …

The Session

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During the hypnotherapy session, clients remain fully aware of what is happening - there is no loss of control or awareness. The subconscious mind can only accept suggestions that fit the client’s moral framework. Going into a trance is straight forward, in fact, everyone goes into trance several times a day without being aware. In hypnotherapy the client is relaxed until the point where a trance is induced.

The depth of this trance is often determined by the work that needs to be done. At the end of the session, I gently bring the client back to everyday consciousness, feeling totally relaxed and totally refreshed.