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What is Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is, first and foremost, a way for people to help themselves. It is a process of empowerment which enables people to make changes in their lives in all kinds of ways.

Hypnotherapy is the use of the calm relaxed state found in hypnosis to change people for the better. It is the extension of the trance-like state that we all experience at times during the day, such as when we are watching TV, when driving, out fishing perhaps, or just simply daydreaming.

It is my job as the hypnotherapist to act as a mediator between my clients conscious and unconscious minds. By putting the conscious mind at rest, I am able to communicate directly with the subconscious mind, where all the answers and solutions already lie. The subconscious mind is what dictates how we make the majority of our decisions in life. Quite often it rejects changes because it is happy with the habits and mechanisms it uses to have us deal with life on a daily basis.

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I would recommend this to anyone, I was sceptical at first as I am sure many are but it truly works if you are stuck with a fear and don't know what to do this could be your answer.

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Becki Worthington

When under hypnosis a person can focus on their needs and use the process to make changes and bypass that part within them that rejects change.

This rejection is often so simple such as that it has been doing something out of habit. Doing the same thing and carrying on in the same way is easier to the subconscious mind than change! With the help of hypnotherapy you can leave the traumas of the past behind and can choose the way you want to live your lives and all this can happen quickly and easily. There are many exciting techniques available and I always tailor the approaches for each individual client, depending on their issue.

Whatever your fear or issue, I can work with you in an instinctive and imaginative way, combining several different techniques to help you achieve what you know, in your innermost self, that you need or desire. As a therapist I open up the space for you to hear positive suggestions for your future, but more importantly than that, I am merely the guide to help you find answers and solutions to your issues, from deep within your self.

The benefits of hypnotherapy are wide ranging and varied. Clients come to me from all walks of life with difficulties that are limiting and preventing them from living the life they wish.